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About Us

About Us

About Us

We are a team of young Professionals, Techno Marketers, Analysts, Data scientists & Technology Experts. We believe the right set of approach, marketing innovation and technology can make a difference in millions of lifes for better. At SuggestBuddy, all our efforts are towards helping startups reaching out to their goals with our services in internet advertising, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Marketplaces, Real Estate, Media, Communication Platforms and Manufacturing sectors. Passion, Enthusiasm, Hard Work and Bold Decision Making is not only our teams attitude but it's the culture of the company.

On the Service end we constantly try to improve at strategy, growth marketing, innovation and analytics. Renalylic is a business venture of SuggestBuddy Studios & Co. (the "Company"), founded in June 2014 by Pradeep Kalwani in the city of Gurgaon(India). Renalytic is a Analytics, Research and Intelligence B2B Wing of the company which provides it's services across India. The Vision of the company is to help Startups in delivering value, increase ROI & make their busness stable with Analytics & Innovation.

Our Expertise

We expertise in Growth Marketing, Startegy, Analytics, Research, Technology, Business Model Creation and Validation to sum it up we specialize in building the Core of Startups and Business'. Business is like a car, if the core i.e. engine is not solid and optimised no matter how better the car looks it's going to crash one day. so we follow the same rule to work as hard as a mechanic to build the core of the business as solid and smart as it must be to compete out there in the market.

From the past few years we have learnt anologies and solution and broke complex problems of uncertainity that keeps on changing like fashion trends and figured to break them into pieces to find solid formulas and solutions which makes us stand out in the market.

Our Skills